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It's all Made Up

In 2011 Edd created his 1st MadeUp Postercombining his artwork with typography, pop culture references & local trivia to depict famous landmarks and places - Check out the galleries below for Posters - Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scotland and more, Panorama landscapes - Mixed Media, Original Paintings and more

Edinburgh Posters

In 2011 Edd created his 1st poster, "Bridge On The River Forth" He now has loads of Edinburgh themed posters and is still bringing out new ones

Glasgow Posters

Edd has been concentrating on doing more Glasgow work this year and has lots of new and updated weegie posters.

More Posters

More posters from around Scotland and the UK

Eddscape Creates - Paintings

PAINTINGS! check out the gallery to see Edds current collection of paintings. All are available to buy, and painting commissions are welcome - get in touch now!

Eddscape Creates -
Panoramas & Vertormas

Flick through Edd's Newest collection below - striking mixed media landscapes of Edinburgh, Glasgow and beyond.

Eddscape Creates - Retro boomboxes

Paintings, prints, drawings and mixed media art - Flick through Edd's New collection

below - "BoomBox : The Allure of Analogue" 2018

Eddscape Creates-
New Work

Brand new creations - Your first look at my most recent designs, posters, panoramas and paintings.


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Creating art since 1982 

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Should I Stay...

2018 Retro Boombox Mixed Media Art Risograph Print From my BoomBox collection Signed & Numbered Prints - Risograph Print - A3 £20

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